Cryptos See Widespread Green, But Total Market Cap Remains Close to 3-Month Low

August 12: Crypto markets are seeing solid gains today in a fresh attempt at recovery following recent losses. Bitcoin (BTC) dominance –– or the percentage of total crypto market cap that is Bitcoin’s –– is continuing to see a 2018… Continue Reading

Something’s Brewing at Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Division

Advertisement It’s not entirely clear what exactly is going on in Facebook’s nascent cryptocurrency division, but several reports suggest that something is afoot. Facebook Meets with Cryptocurrency Project Stellar The first comes from Business Insider, who reports that Facebook’s blockchain… Continue Reading

Facebook Appoints Director of Engineering Blockchain

Director of engineering blockchain: Facebook has appointed one of its senior engineers Evan Cheng as its first “director of engineering blockchain”.  The new position was confirmed by Facebook on Tuesday and signals the companies seriousness about the technology. Cheng has… Continue Reading

Here’s What Andreessen Horowitz’s $300 Million Crypto Investment Means to the Market

Advertisement Andreessen Horowitz, one of the largest technology-focused venture capital firms alongside the likes of Japan’s SoftBank and San Francisco’s Sequoia Capital, both of which oversee over a trillion dollars in combined company value, has created a $300 million fund… Continue Reading

Facebook to Lift Ban on Cryptocurrency Advertising

Facebook banned crypto advertising on its platform back in January of this year. This was a blanket ban on all ads which were crypto-related and was deemed necessary to protect users from illegitimate promoters. The decision caused controversy with many… Continue Reading

Blockchain Network Takes on ‘Flawed’ Steemit by Offering Lifetime Earnings to Creators

A blockchain-based company is launching a content rewards platform that compensates creators – and says its platform boasts compelling advantages over “exploitative” mainstream rivals, all the while addressing flaws in other crypto-driven sites which offer a similar concept. UUNIO wants… Continue Reading