BTC Price Indicating a Bullish Trend Reversal? Jim Cramer May Disagree

Two days after Jim Cramer made bearish comments on Bitcoin, the BTC price has started to revive itself. A bullish reversal is not yet confirmed, as Bitcoin would have to break above key resistance for that to happen. However, the BTC price… Continue Reading

Square Cash App Expands to All 50 US States and Allows All Members to Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Square just announced that with its Square Cash app, all users are now able to buy Bitcoin in all 50 US states. Red, white, and bitcoin. Now you can use Cash App to buy bitcoin in all 50 states.… Continue Reading

Is it Game-Over for Bitcoin? This Wall Street Analyst Says Yes

Both Bitcoin bears and bulls will be watching the BTC price over the weekend. While some see a potential corrective rally occurring, others believe the cryptocurrency is at the end of its road. One Wall Street analyst believes the latter.… Continue Reading

Bitcoin (BTC) Falls Close to $6,500 After SEC ETF Delay

The latest Bitcoin news is that Bitcoin (BTC) has taken a major hit this week and has dragged the rest of the cryptocurrency market down with it. At press time, the total cryptocurrency market is sitting at just above $225… Continue Reading

Is Bitcoin Broken? Tom Lee Says Bitcoin Misery Index Indicates No

Tom Lee has always remained optimistic about Bitcoin. True, the Tom Lee Bitcoin price target did change from $25 thousand to $20 thousand last month, but the Fundstrat co-founder is still confident. In fact, Lee remains confident because of what… Continue Reading

Will Starbucks Make Buying Coffee with Bitcoin (BTC) Easier?

Bitcoin for coffee. It has a nice ring to it. But actually using Bitcoin (BTC) to buy coffee? Turns into a big mess real fast. However, that might be about to change. Starbucks just hinted that it might soon have… Continue Reading

Bitcoin has Dropped by 45% this Year, and Goldman Sachs Expects More

Goldman Sachs appears to have mixed feelings towards Bitcoin. Earlier in 2018, the bank said it was planning on opening a BTC trading desk. Yesterday, a former Goldman Sachs executive said a Bitcoin ETF was possible. Yet, in the Goldman… Continue Reading

Bitcoin is Getting Bakkt! NYSE Owner to Offer Federally Regulated Market for Bitcoin

Announced this morning is some pretty major news that Bitcoin bulls have been waiting for: Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)—the trading giant that owns the New York Stock Exchange—has a goal of breaking Bitcoin into mainstream currency and it plans to do… Continue Reading

Online Bank Swissquote Shows Surge in Profits Because of the “Crypto Boom”

Online bank Swissquote opened its banking doors to accommodate Bitcoin trading accounts for its clients in July of 2017. It was thought to be the first European online bank to do this. A year on, and Swissquote has revealed the fruits… Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian West Promotes Bitcoin (BTC) at Charity Event

Kim Kardashian promotes Bitcoin: Reality television star Kim Kardashian-West announced to her 114 million Instagram (IG) followers that she staked a physical Bitcoin (BTC) in a charity poker event in LA last night. West’s sisters, Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, along with… Continue Reading